Sabine Schlunk



I see history hidden in stones, reflecting the Now, Choosing every single stone – one out of thousands – by instinct, like an animal. Instinct is important. But also the process, Like walking through the forest, taking the stone home, sewing it in fabric, sewing parts of peoples’ bodies in fabric, analyzing the connections. It is a spiritual process for me. It changes me and the stones and the people I have in my thoughts. It is about creating a second skin for the “thin-skinned” or sensitive ones. Made of translucent white fabric, sewn directly on the stone. Pins, needles, white thread.
Steinhüllen are objects as part of the site specific installations like “steinatmen” (Stonebreathing) – An autobiographical and philosophical musing explored by fieldstones encapsulated in translucent textiles, the discarded fabric skins of human body parts, unscripted notebooks, pure sand, glass, and photography. Traces of history, corporeality, and psyche materialize.
The stones are objects found in the process of recognizing personal experiences. In this case, following instincts leads to the purity encapsulated by a simple stone. These are the traces of a clear conscience.
The sheath is always white – the colour of nothingness, the colour of snow, or the colour between two timeframes, like that between an end and a new beginning.