Sabine Schlunk


making of a glam rock star

The creating of outfits for the singer JJ Jones of the art trash kitsch ensemble Fuzzy Love from Berlin. Performance in Venice at the 51. Biennale's opening event of the Canadian pavilion by Janet Cardiff and Georges Bures Miller. Monthly performances in Berlin, Roter Salon, and weekly performances in Laura Kikauka's macromalistic art installation Schmalzwald and many more international events. When JJ Jones in 1997 started shyly singing at Spätverkauf, Berlin wearing a hand knitted sweater and faded 80ies jeans it seemed he would grow more into a glam rock role with clothes that fit the newly interpreted greatest hits from the 60ies and 70ies. That exactly happened, the outer shell freed something that wanted to come out, while collaborating with sound artists on Hammond organ with rythm box, bongos, theremin, trombone.

making of a glamrockstar_berlin_roter salon_performance mercy seat